Genealogy Book

"The project grew out of my previous book, 'The History of the Lynch Family in the American South', for as I researched my mothers antecedents, I came to realize my work could not be completed before I had done the same for my father and his family. And as before, I owe gratitude to Laurie McCarthy of Scan South in Jackson, MS for her invaluable, professional assistance in producing The History of the Betts Family in the American South. Her suggestions and helpful compilation; her proofing, revision and editing skills contributed mightily into turning my years-long dream of this book into reality. Her utter competence is indisputable, and shes a good-humored woman, too. Our association continues to be one of friendship. Her tireless work helped ensure this legacy to my children, grandchildren, Betts relatives, and perhaps to any who find our family history to be of interest."


Flowood, MS


Family Memories on VHS

"I had some old VHS tapes that were 20 years old, I thought I'd probably never get to see what was on them because VCR's are non-existence now-a-days.  Scan South was able to copy all the videos to USB Thumb Drive and also to DVD's. The videos are truly priceless memories. Thank you so very much Scan South! The videos are even better than I imagined they would be."


Learned, MS


Family VHS Saved from the Trash

"I happened to run into Laurie at the estate sale of my uncles home in Jackson- a very sorrowful time for me - he had mountains of VHS tapes that I was going to just throw away because I had no way of looking through them - Laurie offered to take them home, look through them, report back to me on what she found, and copy whatever I wanted onto a flash drive ! How perfect was that? And she was very timely and super reasonable. Thank you, Laurie for preserving memories for me and my family which otherwise would have been lost."


Columbus, MS


Biography of JPS Leader

"Laurie McCarthy of Scan South is a first rate professional & person. She completed a video & book on my husband, Jerome Smith, which we are thrilled with & will treasure forever. Do yourself a favor & determine how you can honor a loved one. Laurie does it all!"

Pam & Jerome

Jackson, MS


Family Cookbook Photo Album

"Thank you, Laurie and Scan South, for the book! I cant say more until after Christmas, but I am very happy!"


Brandon, MS


Pictures of Family from the Start

"A huge box of untold number of pictures all onto a zip drive. Priceless..."


Gulfport, MS

Family VHS Memories Preserved for the Next Generation

"Excellent Service. I had 30-year-old VCR tapes of family events that I did not want to lose. Laurie at Scan South did a wonderful job of recording them all to a thumb drive and the results are wonderful. Great service, great price!"

Lee G

Book and Video

"Laurie and Scan South surpassed expectations in every way and I wholeheartedly recommend her for producing a video and editing/producing a book complete with photos. She was a delight with whom to work and the products are terrific. We have become friends and surely will remain so! Am happy to answer questions."

Pam S

Photos, Slides, Video, and Home Movies

"ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I couldnt be happier that all my family photos are now safe and sound on backup jump drives and discs! (Also very convenient to watch old Home movies on DVD!)"



3000 Old Canton Road

Suite 280

Jackson, Mississippi 39216