Our Story

We started this business to help people preserve their precious family memories and it started with our own familys photographs. My husband had many slides his father took while in Japan during the war. He scanned them all and was able to share some of them on social media. He also found some very fascinating photographs that can only be described as amazing.

Next, my friends mother had just moved into her house and she had a plethora of slides her parents had taken when she was little. My friend wanted to get them converted so that she could show her mother the pictures on the computer. I also wanted to organize these pictures some way so that she could easily find what she had scanned and could categorize them according to events in her life. Well, one thing led to another and a friend heard about what I was doing, then another and pretty soon, I had my first paying customer. But more importantly, I had a new friend.

In the process of helping my friend document her dads career, she decided to digitize all her family photos and share them with her sisters and parents. Everyone got into the act and pretty soon, Scan South was scanning over 10,000 photos for this family. What turned out to be a small project has morphed into a small, but growing company and a priceless legacy for a family to pass down to the next generation.


3000 Old Canton Road

Suite 280

Jackson, Mississippi 39216