Before and After Photos


This photo is one of many of a family who is archiving and digitizing their family photos for the future generations. This was one of the photos that needed to be brought back to life.


Performing a little magic on this photo brought back the color, the faces and the brightness.


Conner Book

This was really a FUN project. A family here in Jackson had 30 years of research on their family history finished - except for one thing - putting it in a format that they could share easily with family and friends. They saw an ad and called me to see if I could help them. Being a graphic designer by trade, I said sure - not knowing exactly what they wanted.

It was a few weeks later when they had everything ready for me. I put together a book for them that encompassed all their research over 30 years:
- a detailed genealogy of their family going back to the year 1399
- old family photos from the 1800s
- a narrative written by one of the daughters of the Conners
When it was all done and everyone had put their stamp of approval on the book, we sent it away to be published. We are all very proud of the result.