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A letter to my friends

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great
Christmas and Holiday season! 

I want to thank everyone for the spectacular last few months at Scan South. I have met many very nice people who have allowed me to scan their photos, slides, 8mm films, videos and antique photographs. I have just finished doing the artwork and having a book of genealogy published for a Fondren family who has researched their family tree back to 1399! That’s nineteen (19) generations if you are wondering.

What I find so fulfilling are the memories my little startup company is bringing back to my clients in the form of visual media that has been sitting in closets and drawers for far too long. What I am thankful for and humbled by is the support and cheer leading I have gotten from my clients. I really enjoy being able to offer this service to preserve family memories for future generations.

Scan South is a family business almost a year old now. My husband Pat, who has been supportive since the beginning, has been busy scanning his dad’s slides from World War II. It’s truly amazing some of this photos his dad took while serving our country. More importantly, Pat has found beautiful pictures of his mom and dad he never saw before.

As the year is just getting started, I want to give you some information about Scan South that will help you decide if preserving your family memories is right for you now and how we can help you. Everyone is preaching about organizing and de-cluttering! Wouldn’t it be great if you could minimize all the media (photos, slides, movies and videos) in your house down to a single flash drive? What a way to start the year!!

We are always happy to digitize…
Photographs – new and old – we repair old, torn, or damaged images
Videos – VHS (regular and mini)
Slides – we can bring most back to full color
Super 8 and 8 mm movie film
16 mm film
Audio cassettes

We also are experts at…
Graphic Design
Photo Coffee Table Books

We have on the average a two week turn around – although I know some have been waiting a little longer. My daughter Eryn is working in the business while she is home from Ole Miss and is really helping me be more productive.

We fix faded images!

Do you have photos that have seen better days? They are not getting any better. It is best to get them digitized as soon as possible. When photos and slides are digitized you can then share with family and friends online – email, Facebook and your social media.

Contact me for an estimate on your photo collection!

The 10 Things I’ve Learned By Scanning
Photos, Slides, Film and Video

1- VHS and video cassettes are prone to degrading after a long time – 10+ years. Keep your videos in clean, dry and air conditioned area.
2 – Even if your videos look fine, sometimes they just don’t work.
3 – Film (8mm and Super 8) are the same as video. If they were developed and processed well, they should last a good long time – however, if you smell vinegar, get them to a digitizer FAST!!
4 – Flash drives are the way to go. More and more CDs and DVDs are moving out of technology. However, I can give your photos and other media on DVDs and Flash Drives, to cover all the bases.
5 – If you have a great many pictures and don’t know where to start – just give us a call! Don’t worry about sorting them all out. We love to organize for you.
6 – If you have albums of photos, don’t worry, we can take them out, scan them and put them back in the album.
7 – Slides and negatives are not a problem. Our scanners turn negatives into positives.
8 – Think about the idea of getting everyone in the family involved in preserving their photos – share the cost and get the photos from the whole family for the whole family to enjoy! The family history can be more easily shared this way.
9 – Think about allowing Scan South to take your photos and turn them into a coffee table book. It makes a great present for the holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Retirement parties, you name it.
10 – Now that you have digitized photos and videos, you can organize them easily on your computer and share them through email, Facebook and all your social media sites. You might even get the notion to start researching your own family genealogy where you can share your family story and memories with relatives you may not even know yet.


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  1. My photo project began when I was making a video for my dad’s 70th birthday. I was quickly overwhelmed with many unorganized boxes of old photographs. Scan South to the rescue. Five generations of family photos were scanned. Now the old photos are protected and safe in a digital format that can easily be shared.
    Katy Creath

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